American Technology Talent Shortage in Critical Roles

Dec 4, 2019

Right now, the technology industry is experiencing a crippling talent gap.

Job vacancy rates among tech companies in the US are substantial and have been increasing at an alarming rate. Critical roles including data science, machine learning, mobile development, data engineering and cloud computing have job vacancy rates between 42% and 58% in core markets.

MobSquad solves the significant and growing tech talent shortage faced by US-based tech companies by enabling its clients to quickly have a turnkey “virtual” Canadian subsidiary.  We ensure software developers with US work visa challenges remain working with their current company but nearshore from Canada. This is accomplished via our unique partnership with the Canadian Government, enabling work visas to be issued for software developers (and their spouses) within 4 to 6 weeks, and Canadian permanent residency within 6 to 8 months.  Additionally, we have unfettered access to top-tier global talent to pair with clients on an exclusive, long-term basis, helping tech firms not only retain their existing world-class talent base, but grow it substantially.  We manage the ongoing administrative processes of having talent in Canada including immigration support, payroll, legal, tax, HR, real estate, benefits admin, and accounting.

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