Canada, Punching Above its Weight in Tech and Talent

May 17, 2019

At the 2019 Collision Conference in Toronto, MobSquad’s Founder & CEO Irfhan Rawji discussed the entrepreneurial spirit of Calgary alongside Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi, Keith Warner, CEO of New World Interactive, Joel Scott, Founder of SV Academy, and Robyn Bews, Vice President of Business Development at Calgary Economic Development.

The panel, whose theme centred around “Canada, Punching Above its Weight in Tech and Talent”, gravitated to the question of “Why Calgary?” – and rightly so.

“This kind of a mindset, of that can-do attitude, is something that people feel” said Rawji when discussing Calgary’s unique entrepreneurial drive.  “This is a place where people don’t think about where you came from, or where you went to school, it’s more that you’re here and you’re willing to work hard.  It is a fantastic place for people to come.”

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