Canada Welcomes Tech Workers Escaping US Visa Hassles

Jul 21, 2020

MobSquad software developer, André Ferreira, was recently featured in a Nearshore Americas article, where he commented on the advantages of Canada’s immigration system in comparison to that of the United States.  While the wait for a green card in the US can take many years, even decades for immigrants from certain countries like India, Canadian permanent residency can be secured in under a year, and Canadian citizenship in under four years.  This, along with Canadian permanent residency not being tied to employment status, has provided André a level of certainty and stability not available to foreign-born technology workers in the US.

MobSquad’s CEO, Irfhan Rawji, was also featured in the article, referencing Canada’s expedited immigration timelines as well as Canadians’ overwhelming acceptance of immigration, as detailed in a recent Environics Institute report

See the full Nearshore Americas article here

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