De-Risking Your Business

Mar 20, 2020

De-risking your business is more relevant than ever.  With millions of workers temporarily displaced due to COVID-19, companies have had to react quickly.  For many businesses, having a workforce that can work from home is one of many methods of de-risking their business.

Another option is to locate your employees in different geographies.  As this pandemic continues to prove, some states are hit far worse than others, crippling businesses that are concentrated in an area hit hard by COVID-19.  By strategically locating your employees across separate geographies, you reduce the risk of having all your employees impacted at the same time.

One of the reasons MobSquad was formed was to address and reduce the uncertainly so many foreign national technology professionals face in the US.  Just as we de-risk their path to a stable future, we also help de-risk a company by providing the option for a Canadian location for their foreign technology talent.

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