Harvard Business Review Cover Story Features MobSquad

Nov 17, 2020

MobSquad was featured in the cover story of the November-December 2020 issue of Harvard Business Review, which discussed the growing importance of the Work-From-Anywhere (WFA) model for organizations.  The story highlighted how increasingly restrictive immigration policies create market demand for companies offering WFA solutions, such as MobSquad.

Work From Anywhere helps knowledge workers deal with immigration issues and other restrictions on their ability to secure good jobs.  William Kerr, Susie Ma, and I recently studied MobSquad, whose spaces in Halifax, Calgary, and other cities enable talented knowledge workers to bypass the onerous U.S. visa and green card system and instead obtain fast-track work permits from Canada’s Global Talent Stream.  Thus they can continue serving companies and clients in the United States and other countries while living and paying taxes in Canada.

Irfhan Rawji, the founder and CEO of MobSquad, had to work closely with the Canadian government to ensure that the economic migrants chosen by the company to move to Canada could receive their expedited work permits and be integrated into its model.


– Prithwiraj Choudhury, Harvard Business Review

See the full Havard Business Review story here

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