Indians still want to move to Canada despite growing anxiety over political tensions

Oct 26, 2023

Despite Canada-India tensions, at MobSquad we have not seen a decrease in demand from high-skilled professionals wanting to relocate from India to Canada. What we are seeing, however, is an increase in questions and uncertainty around visa processing times and approvals. MobSquad‘s President & COO Arif Khimani shares his views on the situation and its impact on immigration in this BNN Bloomberg article.

“We’re still seeing really, really strong demand if we look at the applications we’re getting and there’s still a ton from India. What we are seeing, of course, is just the nervousness, the uncertainty of whether people can stay or how long things will take or if things escalate, what does that mean?”

Read the full BNN Bloomberg article

This article was picked up by other notable media outlets, including City News, CTV News, and The Globe and Mail.



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