MobSquad’s Founder Irfhan Rawji provides his perspective on Canada’s new immigration strategy on CBC Radio’s The Current with Matt Galloway

Nov 1, 2023

On October 31st, Canada’s Immigration Minister Marc Miller announced plans to improve Canada’s immigration system, ensuring we remain a destination of choice for newcomers.

On November 1st, MobSquad’s Founder & Executive Chair Irfhan Rawji, who was also recently appointed as the Chair of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, spoke with Matt Galloway on CBC Radio’s The Current to provide his perspective and reactions on the newly announced strategy and how immigration can benefit Canada.

“I want to be attracting more people. I want to be retaining them in our country, and I want to allow them the opportunity to practice their actual craft. It’s not good enough to get them here. We have to get them in the right seats on this bus. We need more [immigrants]. We have real crises, and these immigrants coming to Canada can solve them if we allow them to do that.”

Listen to the full segment here: What’s at stake with Canada’s new immigration plan?

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