MobSquad’s Founder Irfhan Rawji shares his views on immigration and its role in Canada’s future prosperity on CBC Radio’s The Current with Matt Galloway

Jan 17, 2024

Recently, the Canadian government has been under scrutiny for increasing immigration targets without adequately addressing the corresponding need for sufficient housing and other essential services to support a larger population.

On January 17th, MobSquad’s Founder & Executive Chair Irfhan Rawji shared his views on why he believes decreasing the number of immigrants that Canada welcomes every year is not the answer to solving Canada’s challenges. In fact, he argues that immigration and policies around it should be a vital tool used to solve our issues and set Canada up for long-term success.

“I believe that immigration is one of the most important tools Canada has to win internationally, economically.”

Listen to the full segment here: Making immigration work for Canada

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