Report: 76% of Companies Considering Nearshoring due to US Immigration Challenges

Jun 6, 2024

Last month, MobSquad partner and leading immigration services provider Envoy Global published their annual US Immigration Trends Report.

Among the key insights was an increasing interest in nearshoring among the 500 HR professionals surveyed. As many as 76% of respondents reported that they were considering nearshoring or offshoring as an alternative to US immigration barriers.

Other Key Takeaways:

  1. Increase in Nearshoring to Canada: Due to ongoing challenges obtaining US work visas for employees, many companies are turning to Canada as a nearshoring destination. 46% of respondents reported that when employees face work visa issues within the US, they look first to relocate them to Canada.
  2. Strategic Importance of Remote Work: In a rapidly changing employment environment, many companies are looking globally to access and retain top talent. 71% of respondents reported that they allow employees to work abroad on remote work or digital nomad visas.
  3. Economic and Policy Factors Driving Nearshoring: Other factors, such as increasing immigration fees and policy changes in the US, are prompting businesses to reconsider their talent strategies. 58% of respondents reported looking abroad to hire, transfer, or relocate foreign national employees as a result of increases in US immigration filing fees.

These insights highlight the growing trend of nearshoring to Canada as a strategic response to US immigration challenges and a shift towards global talent as a key part of a company’s talent acquisition and retention strategy.

By leveraging Canada’s immigration system, companies can better manage their global talent strategies and navigate uncertainties, ensuring they continue to access top talent without work visa delays or rejections often encountered elsewhere. Moreover, nearshoring from Canada allows companies to build a competitive edge in the global market and maintain vital access to key North American markets.

Explore the full report here.

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