The Immigration Conversation: How Immigrants Contribute to Alberta’s Economic Prosperity

Mar 2, 2020

MobSquad is pleased to share this conversation on Global News on how and why immigration is an essential component to a successful economy.  Adrienne Clarkson, Arif Khimani, Jason Ribeiro and Abdulfatah Sabouni were interviewed by Bindu Suri discussing their professional experiences with immigration to Canada and how it has contributed to a culturally rich and prosperous economy.

Below is a brief excerpt from the story by Bindu Suri:

Arif Khimani is the Head of Finance & Administration of MobSquad. The innovative Canadian start-up recruits highly skilled foreign tech workers from the United States, when their work visas expire. MobSquad will move the workers to Canada and contract them back to the same U.S. tech company.

Khimani explained why they look outside of Canada for skilled workers.

“When you look at our management and executive teams it’s largely folks based in Calgary, people that are born and raised in Canada,” said Khimani.

“But for a lot of the foreign tech talent that we get, these are just individuals that simply have skill sets that simply aren’t available here. There are people who have spent 10 years working at leading start-ups in the U.S. or Seattle for five years.

See the full story on Global News here

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