Toronto tech: why Canada is attracting the ‘best’ people

Feb 25, 2019

“Toronto has a hot tech scene.” might be something you hear in conversation in a coffee shop. You will likely hear the same for Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary or Ottawa depending who’s talking.  While these statements aren’t untrue, there is rumbling issue below the surface that most people are unaware of.  Looking at critical tech roles such as data science, AI machine learning, mobile development, data engineering and cloud computing, vacancy rates vary from 33% to 45% and these numbers are on the rise.  Why? Canada simply does not have the supply of this talent domestically to fill the demand needed.  Driven by this, competition is growing with salaries and voluntary turnover steadily increasing – not a bad thing if you’re a top-tier tech professional, but tough for those looking to attract and retain this talent.

In this Financial Times story “Toronto tech: why Canada is attracting the ‘best’ people”, Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson explains why Canadian companies, including MobSquad are attracting the highest quality technology talent in the world.

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