Abhishek Singh

I was working as a Data Engineer in the United States when I was approached by a former client company that wanted to recruit me. It was a great offer and the hiring manager, for whom I have great respect, encouraged me to join his company. The only problem was my US visa was tied to my current employer, and I would lose my status in the US if I resigned. The hiring manager offered to relocate me to Toronto, where I could be a consultant to his company and not have to worry about my US visa issue. I agreed, and he arranged everything with the help of MobSquad.

I couldn’t have asked for better support from MobSquad. They supplied me with a relocation guide at the beginning of the process that contained all the information I needed to know to plan my move. There was always someone I could call with any query or request that came up before, during, and after my move. Even today, long after I have fully settled into my new life in Canada, MobSquad still hosts virtual social events, like dinners and festival celebrations, where all employees join in from across Canada to meet each other and enjoy a meal.

MobSquad provides me with stability I didn’t have in the US. Visa uncertainty makes it hard to plan for a future there. In Canada, I have more certainty and confidence about the future for myself and my family.

I now call Toronto home, and a good thing about this city is that it won’t make you miss the US. Everything I liked about the US I can easily find in Toronto, including excellent international cuisine and interesting places to visit. My wife and 3-year-old son are enjoying their new life here as well. My son isn’t school age yet, but we are looking forward to that as the school system here offers more flexibility for admission and programs than what we saw in our community in the US.

Though the pandemic stay-at-home policies have made it harder to go out and explore as much as we would like, we have been making a list of places we want to visit around Toronto and across Canada once restrictions are lifted. Niagara Falls near Toronto and Banff National Park near MobSquad’s office in Calgary are both high on our list. COVID is being a spoiler right now, but hopefully soon enough our adventures can continue.

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