Amanda Campos Castro

After nearly a decade working as a Cybersecurity Consultant in my home country of Costa Rica, I was looking for a way to add international experience to my resume.

An opportunity at a leading US cybersecurity company presented itself, but I didn’t want to wait or rely on the H-1B lottery to get started. The lottery was several months away and the chances of being selected was under 25%. But, with the help of MobSquad I was able to successfully relocate from Costa Rica to Canada and provide the US company with nearshore support from Toronto. 

Thanks to MobSquad, the process of my relocation has been so easy and my dream to work internationally is now a reality. The MobSquad team has been so helpful and has made the whole relocation process stressfree. I’m so grateful to them for making the process of moving to a new country and supporting a great company nearshore so easy for me.   

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