Ankita Das

I moved to the United States from India to pursue a Master’s degree in Computer Science. After graduation, I began working for a leading financial technology company. During this time, I explored various pathways to secure a long-term work visa in the United States. However, the process proved to be extremely difficult, and it restricted work opportunities for both myself and my husband. As a result, we decided to explore alternative solutions, including the possibility of moving to Canada.

That’s when I connected with MobSquad and learned how they helped technology professionals experiencing visa issues in the United States, like me, relocate to Canada. Once we made our decision to move to Canada, MobSquad’s team handled all of our immigration needs. Their team was very helpful, responsive and supportive throughout the entire process. Through MobSquad I am now able to support a US-based IT solutions company from Canada and my husband is free to pursue his career, too.

The transition from the United States to Canada has been smooth, and as we were already accustomed to North American culture, Canada felt instantly familiar. I would highly recommend MobSquad to other technology professionals who are experiencing visa uncertainty or considering relocation to Canada. Their expertise and support made the process seamless and hassle-free.

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