Talent Spotlight: André Ferreira – Betterment

Work Visa H-1B (2016 – 2019)
Nationality Portuguese
US Employer Betterment
Location New York City
Education Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science, Universidade do Minho
Situation Expiring H-1B visa; facing deportation to Portugal

André was working for Betterment in New York and had an expiring H-1B visa. Following a request for evidence, it was becoming increasingly clear that his chances for renewal were looking bleak. Returning to Portugal wasn’t an ideal option as he wanted to remain in North America working for Betterment, and Betterment wanted the same. Betterment partnered with MobSquad and landed André in Calgary, Canada two days after the contract was signed in October 2019. Less than four weeks later, André was working full time for MobSquad, exclusively with Betterment, and enjoying his new Canadian life.

“When Betterment reached out to MobSquad it was a matter of days before MobSquad’s staff had all of the agreements in place, described the whole process in detail over the phone and answered all my questions and concerns. MobSquad provided all the necessary information and resources such as taxes, cost of living, accommodation options, banking, transportation, moving logistics and immigration process, making the transition seamless. We ironed out the plan and set the process in motion. Exactly 21 days after we decided to move forward, I was issued my work permit and could start work in Canada! This was an incredibly smooth process from start to finish, with excellent support from MobSquad along the way. The work permit also makes me eligible for permanent residency within six months and citizenship within 3.5 years, removing any concern of relocation due to immigration issues in an extremely short time period (about one H1-B cycle) while still being in close proximity to the USA. Living and working in North America was looking to be difficult until we found MobSquad; their work has been incredibly impactful for me and I highly recommend it for anyone who is having similar issues with immigration or is simply looking to lead a better life abroad.”

André Ferreira, Staff Software Manager

“We know how difficult it can be to attract and retain top tier tech talent. So when André’s visa was expiring we were looking for all kinds of solutions to keep him working for Betterment. Fortunately, MobSquad was the exact solution we needed. We signed the contract on a Monday, André was in Canada by Thursday and back working on his projects within four weeks. This was a great solution for both André and for Betterment – we hope to work with MobSquad again in the future!”

Caroline Lydon, HR Business Partner, Betterment

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