Chandra Reddy Kosna

I was in a situation where my three-year OPT visa was about to expire and I was not successful in the H-1B lottery. At that time, my current company was unable to offer me a remote role, so my only option was to leave my current role and move back to India. That’s when I was introduced to MobSquad through a friend of mine.  I applied to join MobSquad’s talent roster, and a few months later, they found me an opportunity with Cloud9 Technologies.  After the interview process was complete and I was offered the role, it took only four weeks for me to land in Canada with an approved work permit and start working with Cloud9, nearshore from Halifax.

What I appreciate most about MobSquad is their ability to provide transparency into the Canadian immigration process and direct access to the best Immigration Consultants. They made me feel safe and secure once I landed in Canada by helping me get set up with everything from applying for health insurance, finding an apartment to live in, and navigating my health and wellness benefits.


What my client had to say…

“Our experience with MobSquad was extremely positive. MobSquad did a great job and managed the entire process efficiently and professionally. They have made nearshoring our talent far easier than we expected. I highly recommend anyone dealing with talent on H-1B or OPT visas to give MobSquad a serious look as a long term solution for retaining and growing their talent.”

– Chief Administrative Officer, Cloud9 Technologies

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