Deniz Karakas

I was raised and educated in Turkey where I earned credentials in aerospace and mechanical  engineering. I was working in aerospace in Japan when I was first introduced to MobSquad. 

Though the company I was looking to work with wanted me to relocate to their office in the  United States, the restrictions on US work visas made it unlikely for me to be able to do so any  time soon. The company chose to collaborate with MobSquad to relocate me to Canada to a  city that was in the same time zone as the company’s office. That’s how I found myself in  Vancouver. 

MobSquad provided assistance as I planned my relocation. They were especially helpful when  my Canadian visa process took longer than originally expected due to COVID-related  circumstances. MobSquad’s people were informative and supportive during this waiting  period. After I arrived, I communicated often with MobSquad, and I would get prompt  responses and assistance about any issue regarding my new life in Vancouver, including setting  up banking and health insurance.  

Starting over in a new city can be isolating, especially when you are on your own. MobSquad  helped me make decisions that ensured I could handle the experience. They helped me select  an apartment downtown, close to stores, markets, and especially the amazing Stanley Park and  English Bay. COVID continues to make it hard to get out and experience the city, but that’s only  temporary and I know this move will prove to be a great choice for me.

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