Esteban Zúñiga

Born and raised in Costa Rica, I always dreamed of working abroad – specifically in Canada.
I was working as an Information Technology Consultant for a number of years and when the opportunity to interview with MobSquad to provide technical services to a leading US company from Canada opened up, I took it, and was fortunately hired.

My relocation experience with MobSquad was seamless. Thanks to their unwavering support, the process was super easy and was completed extremely quickly. The MobSquad team is amazing and made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process, from interviews to landing and settling in Canada. They also helped me bridge the “integration gap.” Of course, it is very challenging for me to merge into a different culture, but I have found the people welcoming and I trust that over time my comfort level will continue to increase.

If anyone I know was presented with an opportunity to work with MobSquad, I would recommend they absolutely seize it. I’m ecstatic to have been offered this opportunity. It has completely changed my life and made a lifelong dream of mine come true.

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