Gourav Singh

I was planning to move to Canada to explore the North American technology culture and lifestyle for a while. I was working with a global IT company, however they were unable to support my relocation.  As I started to look for opportunities in Canada, it was difficult to find roles that I was interested in that would also support sponsorship.

That is until I came across MobSquad. After learning more about the company through interviews and success stories, I decided to apply to join their talent roster. Their screening process was very effective and easy to follow, and helped set me up for success. I was very excited when MobSquad presented me with an opportunity to provide technical services to a globally recognized technology leader.  After a few rounds of interviews, I was offered the position. A couple of months later, I was on route to Vancouver to start my new career and life in Canada, all thanks to MobSquad.

Throughout the whole process, MobSquad was always supportive, clarifying my doubts and creating a smooth and stress-free immigration and relocation process. They also provided hands-on guidance and support from the moment they greeted me at the airport when I first arrived.

I am very excited to be building my life in Canada and recommend MobSquad to any fellow technology professional that is interested in coming to Canada.

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