Margaret Wei

I moved from China to the United States to pursue my Masters in Geospatial Information Sciences.  Following graduation, I was working for a leading environmental services company.  Hoping to continue my career in the US, I tried to get a US work visa, which was a difficult process. The endless waiting and uncertainty became a huge mental burden, affecting my life and work.  When my STEM OPT expired after three years, I had to leave the country.  

Thankfully I found MobSquad. They helped me successfully relocate from the US to Canada, which has allowed me to continue to do the work I truly love, nearshore from Calgary.  MobSquad provided a great solution, as I was able to stay in North America and be close and in the same time zone as my client. Plus, the Canadian visa process has been much easier and more predictable. I also received several complete and detailed instructions from MobSquad, which helped me get settled quickly after landing.

Once I arrived in Canada, I realized another huge advantage. There is a large community of Chinese people in Calgary, which makes me feel closer to home.  MobSquad helped make my transition smooth, and I am forever grateful.  I feel safe and more at ease since relocating to Canada, and both my husband and I can start a new life and focus more on our work.

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