Syed Naqi

With my H-1B visa set to expire, I was looking for an option that wouldn’t require me to go back to school or move my young family to India.  I hadn’t thought of Canada as an option, but my research led me to MobSquad. 

I was impressed with the efficiency and speed with which MobSquad arranged my Canadian work permit, and in short order, I was settling into my new community in Halifax.  MobSquad provided me with precise information about all aspects related to my move to Canada, including advice on travel arrangements, and assistance in registering for necessary services like banking and healthcare.  Onboarding with MobSquad was a dream, with everything comfortably available online and easy to setup while I sipped a cup of coffee. 

Since my arrival in Halifax, my family has really taken to our new community, which we have found warm and welcoming.  My wife Deeba and I as well as our two kids love hiking, and with ample trails near where we live in Halifax, we are looking forward to incredible fun-filled hikes during the summers.  I am particularly happy that my teenage son has developed a keen interest in sports since joining his new school, something I had been unsuccessfully encouraging him to do during our six years in the US.  Every day, I thank MobSquad for keeping alive my dream of raising and educating my children in North America.

I encourage all technology professionals facing US work visa challenges to consider MobSquad if they want an easy transition from living in the US to living in Canada with a Canadian work permit.  With the opportunity to now earn our Canadian permanent resident status and eventually Canadian citizenship, my family’s journey has just begun.  I’m looking forward to adventures and a successful future with MobSquad.

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