Venkata Doodala

Like many of my fellow MobSquad colleagues, not getting selected for an H-1B visa during my OPT visa period was the catalyst for me joining MobSquad, but I had always had my eye on moving to Canada to escape the unpredictability and complexity of the US immigration process. 

MobSquad was really helpful in my Canadian work permit application and they were transparent in every step of the process.  Though my work permit application happened during peak COVID restrictions, and my OPT visa was set to expire, MobSquad’s support for me during this most stressful time was commendable. 

I am now settled in Toronto where I am enjoying my new life.  Toronto is a multicultural city, and it seems to have a welcoming environment for new immigrants.  Moving from the US, I haven’t found much difference in the lifestyle.  I presently live in a downtown high-rise building facing Lake Ontario and it’s such a wonderful experience for me every day.  There are so many dining options in the city that I sometimes get overwhelmed when I am trying to choose something for dinner.  Because of COVID, Toronto is currently in lock-down, so I haven’t tried many activities in the city.  Once everything opens up, I will definitely go kayaking in Lake Ontario and try many of the hiking spots nearby.  Being a ski enthusiast, I already plan to visit ski resorts around Toronto and travel out to Vancouver and Banff to catch up on all the skiing I missed in 2020. 

The client I support has a history of working with MobSquad, so my process was a smooth ride without any issues.  After coming to Canada, many of my friends and colleagues have asked about the process and everyone now has a solid idea of how MobSquad works if they want to move to Canada due to personal or immigration issues.

Immigration to the US is unpredictable and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.  I personally believe everyone in a situation similar to mine should consider moving to Canada for a more stable life without much concern about immigration issues.  MobSquad paves the way for those who wish to immigrate to and work in Canada, and I appreciate them being here to support me.

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