The war for technology talent is intense, and large companies can be at a disadvantage to compete.  MobSquad offers an edge to Canadian enterprises in winning the war for talent.

Access the world’s best technology talent. Successfully compete with top-tier technology firms. This is how it works:

You share the roles and specific experience required to help grow your business.

We provide you with targeted candidates, matched to your request.  All of our candidates have been video screened, code-tested, pre-qualified for fast-track immigration to Canada, and are ready to be deployed on a nearshored basis – providing technical services to you exclusively.

You can complete your preferred process and select candidates who perfectly fit in with your business, from both a skills and cultural perspective.

Our track record enables us to quickly obtain work permits for successful candidates.  We can relocate chosen candidates to Canada in just four to six weeks, where they can provide technical services to your team exclusively and long-term.

MobSquad’s technology professionals work in state-of-the-art facilities inspired by the best of what you find in Silicon Valley.  They receive top-tier salaries, generous benefits, as well as perks unlimited snacks and drinks, and countless social and growth opportunities to connect with their new community.

Our incredible team provides ongoing support as technology professionals settle into the community, on their path to Canadian citizenship.

MobSquad Talent Roster Highlights

Master’s Degree

45% of our talent roster has a technology-based Master’s degree.

Industry Experience

Our talent roster has an average of 6.9 years of industry experience.

PhD Degree

10% of our talent roster has a technology-based PhD degree.

Highest Demand Skills

80% of our roster is in the five most difficult roles to fill.*

*Most difficult roles to fill include artificial intelligence, machine learning, data
science, data engineering, mobile development, and cloud computing.

MobSquad’s solution dramatically increases your company’s access to top-tier technology talent.

Give technology talent what they want.

Our employee proposition is second to none, enabling large companies to successfully compete with top-tier start-ups and scale-ups.  We offer competitive salaries, with no requirement to adhere to corporate salary grids.  Additionally, we provide generous benefits, state-of-the-art workplaces, and unlimited snacks and drinks.  As a result, MobSquad has been continuously recognized as one of Canada’s Best Workplaces by Great Place to Work®.

Superior support?
We have it covered.

We provide white glove service for our technology professionals, helping them successfully settle into their new community.  Whether it’s finding housing, finding the right school for their kids, obtaining an open work permit for their spouse, or locating the nearest cricket club, we support them every step of the way.

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