Continue receiving support from technology talent with MobSquad.
Eliminate US work visa issues for your company.

“We know how difficult it can be to attract and work with top tier tech talent. Fortunately, MobSquad was the exact solution we needed.”

Caroline Lydon,
HR Business Partner

Continuing to receive support from technology talent doesn’t need to be a challenge. We can solve your team’s H-1B, OPT or other US work visa issues in just six to eight weeks. This is how it works:

We hire technology talent with US work visa issues as MobSquad employees.

We leverage our track record to quickly obtain Canadian work permits for this technology talent in as little as four to six weeks.  We then relocate this talent to Canada.

You receive technical services from this talent on an exclusive, long-term basis, nearshore from Canada.

They work in state-of-the-art facilities inspired by the best of what you find in Silicon Valley. They receive top-tier salaries, generous benefits, as well as perks like unlimited snacks and drinks, and countless social and growth opportunities to connect with their new community.

Our incredible team supports all talent and their families as they settle in their new community on their path to Canadian citizenship.

Long-term support with no strings attached. We provide stability for your business and our talent.

Long term solution.

This isn’t a temporary fix after an H-1B denial.  Technology talent provides technical services to your company, nearshore from Canada.  This talent can support you on an exclusive, long-term basis.  They can become Canadian permanent residents in as little as 12 months and Canadian citizens in just four years.

Superior support?
We have it covered.

Our team provides white glove service for employees, helping them successfully settle into their new community.  Whether it’s finding housing, finding the right school for their kids, obtaining an open work permit for their spouse, or locating the nearest cricket club, we support them every step of the way.

Need support from more talent?
We’ve got it.

Our growing global technology talent roster can help you augment your business as needed, nearshore from Canada.  We work with your team to provide technology talent services that will give your company a long-term strategic advantage.  We have access to elite technology professionals including specialized talent in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, data engineering, mobile development, and cloud computing.

“MobSquad relocated one engineer and his family from Ukraine to Canada, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of their support. They made everything from immigration to relocation to administration easy for the engineer – and they work fast. It’s white glove service at its best. What also stood out to me was how much they care about their talent, and providing them the best opportunity to build an amazing, stable life in Canada.”

John McCormack,
Senior Director, Software Engineering

Have technology professionals with H-1B visa issues?
We can provide a solution in just four to six weeks.

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