Build your life and your
career in Canada.

Why choose Canada?

Canada is known for its expansive natural landscapes, the friendliness of its people, and its beautiful multicultural cities. These are just some of the reasons why Canada consistently ranks as one of the best countries in the world by the Best Countries Report by US News and World Report.

Canada celebrates different cultures.

Historically, Canada developed into a strong nation by welcoming immigrants from around the world. Today, Canada continues to value the richness and diversity that various cultures and communities contribute to Canadian society.

Canada is safe.

Canada is consistently named one of the safest countries in the world according to the Best Countries Report by US News and World Report.

Canada is inspiring.

Many of the world’s greatest natural wonders are in Canada, including the Great Lakes, and the Rocky Mountains, most of which are a short drive from Canada’s largest cities. Respect for nature and the environment is an important part of what Canadians value.

Work and live in a world-class Canadian city.


Vancouver has a thriving technology sector and an ethnically diverse population. With a mild climate, and an exciting cultural scene, Vancouver is regularly named as one of the world’s ten most livable cities.


Calgary is consistently named as one of the world’s five most livable cities. With low taxes, an affordable housing market, a growing cultural scene, and quick access to the Rocky Mountains, it’s an ideal place to work and raise a family.


Toronto is one of the world’s great multicultural cities and a global economic hub. With a diversified economy, a world-class technology sector, and a spectacular food and culture scene, Toronto is regularly named one of the world’s ten most livable cities.


Halifax is a growing North American technology hub on the Atlantic coast of Canada. With an affordable housing market, big-city amenities and small-town livability, Halifax is an increasingly popular place for young and mid-career technology professionals to work and raise their families.

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